Community engagement on a massive scale using social media and a digital platform that is totally impact focussed.

Imagine no more!

Introducing YourPlaceYourSpace

YourPlaceYourSpace is a unique social media channel and collaborative environment devoted to delivering positive social impact.

YourPlaceYourSpace satisfies the demand of social media users for a space that delivers a variety of functions that, up until now, could only be created through a combination of different social media channels and engagement tools.

Community Passport Community Workspace Community MatchMaker Points And Rewards

At YourPlaceYourSpace and through connected engagement sites, people and their community are provided with the digital space where they can show, share and take forward their passions and deliver positive social impact.

Let’s take a closer look

YourPlaceYourSpace is for people who are passionate about what they do or where they live.

Free TimePays builds and supports Communities of Passion and recognises and rewards people for the time and effort they put in to help make a difference, whether for themselves, for others, for their family or for their community.

Community Passport

When you register, we will give you your very own Community Passport.

Using your Passport, you can quickly start to make a difference by following your passions and showing support for your community and for other people who share your passions.

Community Workspace

How much you do is completely up to you. Should you want to, you can apply to create your own posts and you can even register to run your very own projects and initiatives in our YourPlaceYourSpace Community Workspace.

Community MatchMaker

Why not go further and use Community Matchmaker to set up and launch your own business for social enterprize.

With YourPlaceYourSpace anything’s possible!

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